Luscious Soundscapes

Wednesday, June 16, 2021
The Grove Amphitheatre

A rich array of chamber music deliciousness! Our first course is Shai Wosner’s imaginative interweaving of charming small-scale works that somehow combine to create a stunning sound world. For an entrée, the juicy, exuberant blossoming of young love in the form of a violin sonata, written when Strauss met the young soprano he would later marry. Finally, the sweet, sumptuous sophistication of an enthralling piano quintet by Amy Beach, one of America’s cultural pioneers.

Selected Scarlatti Sonatas and Rzewski Nano Sonatas
Scarlatti – Sonata in D Minor K. 141 | Rzewski – Nanosonata No. 36 (“To a Young Man”)
Scarlatti – Sonata in D Minor K. 9 | Rzewski – Nanosonata No. 38 (“To a Great Guy”)
Scarlatti – Sonata in C Minor K. 230 | Rzewski – Nanosonata No. 12

Shai Wosner, piano

Richard Strauss – Violin Sonata in E-flat major Op. 18
Diana Cohen, violin
Roman Rabinovich, piano

Amy Beach – Piano Quintet, Op. 67
Alexi Kenney, violin
Diana Cohen, violin
Dimitri Murrath, viola
Oliver Herbert, cello
Shai Wosner, piano

Program Notes

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