Best of Together Again on WCLV

6 radio broadcasts starting August 25, 2021

The decision to move ChamberFest Cleveland’s 9th annual festival outdoors and offer the concerts free to the public was born both out of necessity and out of a genuine desire to share live music as widely and accessibly as possible. In doing so the festival very happily attracted hundreds of new friends and cultivated many new fans of chamber music. Producing concerts outdoors this past June also meant embracing Mother Nature, who insisted on playing her own starring role. At The Grove, our outdoor venue located in the heart of Mayfield Village’s Greenway Corridor, we were met by birds – lots of them. Their singing animates all of the live performance recordings captured during our 11-concert festival, including, on occasion, those made at St. Paschal Baylon Church, where we performed when it rained.

This series of broadcasts captures the special feeling of a live concert outdoors. Enjoy.

How to listen

WCLV is still broadcasting at 104.9 FM. And that’s still how most people listen. However, if your reception is marginal, or if you live outside of the Cleveland area, WCLV is still readily available.

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