JOHN ADAMS (b. 1947)
Shaker Loops for Three Violins, Viola, Two Cellos, and Double Bass

Shaking and Trembling
Hymning Slews
Loops and Verses
A Final Shaking
— played without pause

David Bowlin, violin 1
Yura Lee, violin 2
Diana Cohen, violin 3
Tanner Menees, viola
Oliver Herbert, cello 1
Peter Wiley, cello 2
Will Langlie-Miletich, bass

Performed on ChamberFest Cleveland, Season 8
Kulas Hall, Cleveland Institute of Music
June 14, 2019

Video Production: Erica Brenner Productions, LLC
Cameras: Ken Wendt, Emil Agopian, Erica Brenner
Editing: Erica Brenner
Audio Engineer: Bruce Egre, Azica Records