TAN DUN (b. 1957)
GHOST OPERA for String Quartet and Pipa, with Water, Stones, Paper and Metal</h2<

Presented by ChamberFest Cleveland, Diana and Franklin Cohen – Artistic Directors
In collaboration with
GroundWorks DanceTheater, David Shimotakahara – Artistic Director

Choreography: David Shimotakahara

Felise Bagley, Noelle Cotler, Damien Highfield, Gary Lenington, Annika Sheaff

Violins – Amy Schwartz Moretti and Diana Cohen
Viola – Yura Lee
Cello – Gabriel Cabezas
Pipa – Gao Hong

Lighting: Dennis Dugan

Costumes: Janet Bolick
costume painting by
Rebecca Russell, Ray Zander

Set Design: Ian Petroni

Composer Tan Dun had this to say about his Ghost Opera, “This is a piece using very ancient theatrical methods to approach a modern idea, linking the different kinds of territory across media and across lives, and across decades, and let all those souls talk to each other.”

GroundWorks has re-imagined Tan Dun’s master work as a kind of meeting place, a landing of spirits of all kinds – spirits from the past, present, and future, from east and west culture, from nature and technology. As such the performance, our stage, is a kind of metaphor for our time in life, what we bring to each other, where we come from.

Performed June 28, 2014
Kulas Hall – Cleveland Institute of Music
Cleveland, Ohio

Presented as part of ChamberFest Cleveland’s Season Three.

Video Production: Erica Brenner Productions, LLC
with assistance from Access Video
Cameras: Randy Brown, Kathie Brown, Ken Wendt, Erica Brenner
Editing: Randy Brown, Erica Brenner
Audio Engineering: Ian Dobie