Sunday, June 25, 2023
Harkness Chapel (Case Western Reserve University)

Here’s a program that whirls and swirls with quirky humor, unexpected angles, and is jam-packed with personality. Following an irreverent introduction (with whistling!), Mozart’s cheerfully elegant piano concerto is even more brilliant as an intimate chamber ensemble. A growing “Vortex” of strings has cello at its center, then Poulenc’s whimsical Sextet for winds and piano adds a little Jazz Age wittiness and brings this joyous program to its exuberant finale.

2:00PM PRELUDE TALK by Owen Cantor (Guest Lecturer, Siegal Lifelong Learning)

Alfred Schnittke
Moz-Art (after the fragment K. 416d)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Piano Concerto No. 12 in A major
Michael Stephen Brown
Vortex for Cello and Strings
Francis Poulenc

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