Mozart, Brahms, and Redemption

Wednesday, June 21, 2023
Cultural Arts Center at Disciples Church

A spirit of spontaneity and fantasy of freedom infuses this enthralling program. Unlocked is a series of fantasias inspired by folk songs sung by Black prisoners from the 1930s. Of his quintet for piano and winds, Mozart said “I myself consider it to be the best thing I have written in my life,” and his splendid tour de force is filled with a sense of ease and spontaneity. Melodious with moments of melancholy, pastoral themes sway and swirl and weave together over a German folk waltz, genial and refined, in a sunny Sextet by Brahms.

Judith Weir
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Quintet in E-flat major for Piano and Winds
Johannes Brahms
String Sextet No. 1 in B-flat major

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